May 11th, 2016.

Have been remiss in describing the weekend past, where dad-in-law and I got to work on creating a floor and walls for the new bathroom, as well as moving the toilet, and herein establishing a new access to the sewer-well. A-day-and-a-half’s hard labor whilst V and the kids ‘toiled’ on the Oslo-ferry. ‘Twas all good – though of course everything took longer than anticipated, and there was never time to take him out to the steak-dinner I’d wanted to do for him. But the walls were erected, the new toilet installed, the floor turned out great. The wife’s happy, and we had a generally good time. He’s like a terminator, once he gets going he just doesn’t pause. Now there’s a room, it’s sealed off, you can open the window and there’s a bit of a view from the can – decent stuff. Still there’s loads to do, of course, and all the finishing after that. But it’s always progress, all the time. It’s great character-building stuff, V’s like ‘how do you know how to do these things?’ as I show her the pictures. So it’s about trial and error, and the knowledge of different materials and how you can stretch and bend them at your will, and again – I’ve touched on this before – it’s not unlike a modern computer game, where you unlock certain abilities, that’s all there is to it: try it, hang on to it if it works. Try to expand on it, try it a little bit different next time.

Much work on the public rail-ways throughout the weekend, so drove V and the kids to and fro the ferry. Not many things I hate, but driving in Copenhagen is one of them. It’s taxing for my mind. But got them there and back, and they’d had a blast of a trip. Sans her mother – V was very anxious about that, feeling so guilty as you wouldn’t believe. But shy of that they had really enjoyed the trip, paid in full by her writers’ fees, so it’s great she can point at that and feel as if she too supplies the family.

Now it’s back to normal again, or as normal as lives with kids the age of ours appear. Nicolas got a stick in his eye and we had to take him to the ER, where they saw a long scratch across his retina. It should heal in 4 or 5 days, amazing how the body recovers itself. Until then it’s like walking around with gravel in the eye, I’m told. Painful, i.e., but he takes it so well.

These are warm summer-like days, 25 degrees celcius, and it’s great to move around in. There’s a different smell to the big city when the asphalt heats up, I’m thus reminded of my time in Los Angeles. Tonight I’ll meet up with Dennis, to check out his new flat that he’s leased for the next half year. Work is still work, and lots of it. The strawberries are really coming alive now, too. I’m thinking it could be a really nice summer, when it gets around to it.


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