May 26th, 2016.

Still sore in my legs, from having dug up the near entire front yard. Tomorrow Stig will use his motorized de-lawnator and turn over what’s left, and then there’s but for yours truly to establish the boxes where we’ll be a’growing stuff. Should’ve done it years ago, but hadn’t the personal surplus, I guess. Going ecological has so far proven much easier than I’d thought. Wonder where that spirit came from. Likely a result of the times + Bjarne moving in and showing the way + V’s eco-trip. It’s good, it’s all good – saves not much money but it’s helluva more productive than just cutting the grass, and it teaches the kids valuable lessons, too.

V’s girlfriend Anja dropped her tiny dog off yesterday, we’ll apparently be dog-sitting the runt until Friday, dammit. Annoying as hell and pisses all over, never sits still, the cat won’t appear before it’s gone… It’s never been trained much. She sounds horrible, Anja, there really must be something wrong with her lungs. So you quit smoking, you say, but what about those twenty years you didn’t quit? Hope she sees a doctor soon.

Nicolas spends a night in the Kindergarten from Friday to Saturday, we’ll pick him up and drive to Jutland and see mum and dad. First time in a year they’ll be seeing their grandkids, that’s really ridiculous. But good to get it over and done with, especially before the Summer holidays.

All’s well at work, I guess. Wrote the Copenhagen University and declared my ineligibility towards that lead-dev position. Staying put is protecting mine and my family’s interests, for now. Next year maybe another sccenario.


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