June 3rd, 2016.

Finished ‘Thinking, fast and slow’, and for my next cultural endeavor am taking on ‘The Big Short’, the movie-version. Christian Bale especially excels. A good one. The human inconsistencies ties in rather nicely with the aforementioned book. I could never be in banking, just as I could never work in online gambling. Maybe when I were younger, but not now, not wiser. Moving money around and around – and it’s only that, money – doesn’t seem constructive in regards to society as a whole.

Got the last of my DVD’s in boxes yesternight, stacked them upstairs. Haven’t room for them on the shelves, but that’s a secondary concern – just glad to have them with me. ‘Feng Suei’ – what the hell was I thinking. Many of them I have yet to see; a forward investment for sure.


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