June 4th, 2016.

I wonder if N, or K for that matter, will grow up wondering how walls just automatically went down and then came back up again, albeit in different places, from time to time. Since they’re always away as I do these things, that must be so. Even today, working in the garden, I bolstered our number of raised planting beds with a few pallets that Jan the Auto-mechanic donated – so must’ve proved an unfamiliar scene, as they, N and V, got back from his Taekwondo upgrade ceremony (he got a yellow stripe for his white belt, very proud of him).

I hope than as he and his sister gets older, and more patient and more capable, they’ll let me teach them how to do these things (though not included the part where I scour the city for ‘free’ building materials). It’s important to be able to construct things oneself, it’s certainly allowed me the luxury of being a more independent man and increasingly self-aware in regards to the choices I make. Important, because there’s little time for each of us in this world. So we can’t allow ourselves to rely fully on systems, on a paternal administration governing us; there simply must be the ability to work towards independence and freedom of the mind and soul, and remove ourselves from the role of gorverned to governor. I discovered this too late in life; I trust I can help them discover it earlier.


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