June 8th, 2016.

One of my most precious takeaways from my airforce stint – and they are few and far between – is of partaking in a cross-country group exercise. At one point we had to cross a stream, and I jumped to the other side. And the red-faced instructor wasted little time in yelling obsceneties in my direction, why, because I had forgotten to help my comrade, jumping after me. So I dutifully turned and extended my hand. I’m likely to benefit from that lesson until I die, and if not happy about the time I served (though I’d be hardpressed to state it wasn’t beneficial in many respects) I’m happy about that one.

Started doing a personal investment strategy. I have too much going on so I need to curate my portfolie, in every regards – finance, family-wise, health, house, so on. Time, oh my God, time. Fired up a Google Drive spreadsheet and will keep at it, tracking my investments in myself, my money, my surroundings. Have a half a year before my Fund must deliver its annual report; here goes.



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