June 13th, 2016.

Rather bad weekend as far as hay-fever was concerned. Shouldn’t taken the kid, N, to the Næstved Zoo, or for a bicycle ride, nor outside in the yard. But V needed time to edit her manuscript, and was panicking. So what’s a poor man to do. She’s like that; she gets near three weeks until she needs to hand it in, but with the task there’s this black cloud above her that she can’t shake until the work is done. So she frets, and as she got going she cleared by my estimate 80% of the work, with two weeks and five days to go, by this weekend! That’s cool and all, but I do wish she’d prioritize better. Or prioritize at all.

So, yea, not the most productive of weekends. At least got working on Nicolas’ computer, which will also double as my Virtual Reality rig. So that was swell. Oh, and the strawberries are ripe now. Alas the blackbirds have also realized this, so I’ll very soon need to lock them in. The strawberries, i.e.


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