June 19th, 2016.

Having a weekend ‘off’ as V and the kids are at Funen, for some birthday I’m thankfully not required to attend. So I’m trying my best at getting stuff done, but my hayfever keeps getting in the damn way! Sneezing and snotting and have a miserable time at it, in general. Such a shame, had wanted to get lots done but am forced to stay inside. Did venture out to cut some plaster-boards for the bathroom, but did so with a wet scarf across my face, quite the billy-the-kid thing going on there. So not the most productive of times, but at least will get the project as far as having the floor-person-whatever-his-name-is come in and install the linoleum. So will take it from there.

Did invest my time in watching a good movie, ‘Fury’ starring Brad Pitt. And played a PC game, how long has it been since I did that, ‘Mirrors Edge’ it’s called and it’s a good one, too.

It’s good to be alone like this. The silence, I really thrive on it. I wouldn’t – now – necessarily do it every day, but I do look forward to these weekends to myself. Doing what the hell I want, which is almost always some kind of project that benefits all of us. I believe those days are long gone where I might play some game all day long.

Called up sis, to hear how she was doing. Great, apparently, and not much news – still work and then some, and that’s about it. But real good to hear her voice again.


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