June 23rd, 2016.

Seems as if there’re so many worries, all the time. Mostly V worrying about K, about school, her friends, not having enough of them, nor having the right ones. I share the concerns, of course I do, but… I just don’t want to worry about them all the time. I’m not really equipped for them. I mean, I got back from work there and ’twas just K and me, so we made dinner, talked for a spell, made smoothies from fresh strawberries, and took the dog for a walk. And talked about this and that, and I just can’t tell there’s much wrong. Or at least that there’s much wrong that’s not supposed to be wrong, given her age of twelve and all those hormones that must be raging through her system by now.

So, yea, a bit of a lacklustre stint at home. But it’ll get better, of course it will. Should I worry some more? I don’t want to be the one who suddenly discovers he’s missed important, unmistakingly signals that only one most careless could miss.

I wish I could find the time to do more activities with her, K. I give the opportunities away to V much too often. I remember our walk in Copenhagen, I want to repeat that. Hope this Summer will offer some ways of spending more time with her.

I need to get serious about my evenings, but there’s this ‘Mirrors Edge’ game that I can’t shake, it’s great storytelling and I’ve so missed having some gaming fun; God knows I only play a game like this once every second year or so. So need to get it out of my system. Should keep me honest while I wait for Virtual Reality to really break through, big time.

Tomorrow will work from home and there’ll be a visit from some guy who’ll place the linoleum on the bathroom and kitchen. What does one designate such a person? And that’s just the next step, well here’s to hoping in December at least we’ll be showering upstairs, rather than downstairs.


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