July 6th, 2016.

Cleared out the basement laundry-room. Filled 3 big transparent garbage bags with old clothes we no longer use, yet for some reason had lying around. Good exercise. Only wish these things weren’t always provoked by V’s irritation of not being able to move around down there. Why can’t she see the fix to the problems – cleaning up – rather than just see  the problems – she bumps into a piece of furniture that’s in her way because there’s no-where else to put it because there’s old clothes everywhere. Cause and effect, that theory is sometimes lost on her, I believe. It seems all too easy to point to an issue only as she discovers it, rather than trying to anticipate it. If only she were more of a structured individual. But would I really want that? Probably not. Well, maybe 10% more structured. 20. 25 tops.


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