July 13rd, 2016.

Got V and K sent off to London, for their 4 days trip. Hope all goes well – couldn’t say for sure, for she forgot her phone pin-code and has no way of contacting me. Oh well, why not assume all’s well. Drove with Nicolas up north, to visit the folks, albeit with a – to him – surprise-stop in LEGOland. Which, if I must say so, went very well. Long quques, though, but we’re apparently patient minds alike. A good day. Good also to see the folks again, even though it hasn’t been a month since we last visited. But then again, that prior visit marked a near year since the one before that. As always, they were generous with their food, their money, and their time. Drove to Viborg to wheel and deal in used stuff, got back with several large bags of more LEGOs, enough to keep Nicolas occupied whilst in the care of his grandparents on his mother’s side – and that’s where we headed next. Damn, drove enough kilometers these days. Dropped him off in Nyborg, picked up the dog instead and gunned for home, where I’ll be spending the next 2½ days by my lonesome. Hopefully getting some work done. Started out softly – i.e. doing jack all, watching ‘Unstoppable’ by Tony Scott and feasting on the cake they put in the back of the Hyundai.

Great to see the granddads and grandmoms reacting so well to N, and he to them. Saw Stig, for example, grab after the kid in a surprise-move, and the boy shrieking with glee as he got a decent tickling. Good to see. Makes me glad that we were able to give them some grandkid to attend to – especially as sis won’t be into that, and V’s brothers not up for that task either.

And now it’s quiet here. Loving it – albeit mostly because I know that it’s short-lived, and that any day soon there’ll be a mess of sounds and request for my attention once more. But for the next 60 hours I’ll cherish it. Read somewhere how quiet really intensifies the creation of new neurons and their corresponding axions. Look forward to that process, here, now.


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