July 20th, 2016.

Still going at it, cleaning out. The garden, this time, all that old wood beneath the veranda, gone. So many leftovers, if you want, from projects come and gone. It feels really good to get rid of it, and clear out the head. Some kind of closure going on, won’t linger by it but suffice to say it leaves room for the new. New projects, new thoughts. Just new. Loving it.

K’s taking my cue, and cleans out her room big time, too. Some kind of transition from child to teenager…? She’s gotten rid of her teddy bear, ‘Kim’ I believe, that she used to comfort herself by. So I’ve just cleaned out the basement, now she fills it up again. Thankfully to no kind of degree that it was, prior to my commitment.

Playing ‘Minecraft’ with the kid. Good time, good for his imagination.

So that’s half of the vacation gone. Have made good progress in all but the bathroom and kitchen-projects, that I thought would be my foremost efforts. Just goes to show.



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