July 28rd, 2016.

Last bit of the holiday, the days speed up. It’s okay; I welcome a bit of a change. Got so much done, I’m thinking it’s been a swell time.

Miss the kids. Their grandfolks took them upstate on a camping trip and we haven’t seen them for a near week. Coming back tomorrow. By frequent phonecall-accounts they’ve had a good time, albeit near losing their car to a fire in the generator on the way up there wasn’t all fun. But they got it fixed and that’s great – though doubt that car will last another year.


So what did I do with all this time? Well, tended to the garden, lots. Finished the last raised bed, and cut the hedge. And removed all the old wood from under the terrace, in preparation of an atrium.

Read ‘Nudge’, by Sunstein and Thaler. Good one, and one of my investment goals for this year.

Also read ‘Dummies guide to Forex Investment’. Steep learning curve, but as I plan to turn myself into a part-time currency trader I’d better study some. I like that notion of a ‘second job’. “Hello, I’m Morten, programmer by day, forex trader by night”. It kinda offers all the hallmarks of what I’m looking for: You can study & practice to become good at it, and you can do it from home/the commute. Requires discipline, which I have, and dedication too – so it’s not for everyone. Of all the work from home options it seems like the best one I’ve come across. So let’s try that one out.

It’s always been about studying, and applying myself, hasn’t it. I hope I’ll pass that on to my kids. There’s nothing above or beyond studying, reading books, trying things out. It’s, on the other hand, the easiest thing in the world to get caught up in wasting time on this and that. By then again, if only you find stuff to do that appears meaningful, you’ll never lack motivation. At least that’s what I can say for myself.

Enough with all those projects. The 3D printing, the home automation system, the robots, whatever I’ve wasted time on during the years. It plagues me somewhat, all those hours for which I’ve nothing to show. I guess my entrepreneural spirit gained a bit. But for now and the next handful of years I wow to shy away from all that, and stick with this new one.


Took up running again, spurred on by V. Just two times, but felt pretty good about myself. Downloaded something called ‘Runkeeper’ to keep me honest. Supposed to ‘nudge’ me into it, by way of messaging me every three days or so. Let’s see how it all fares.

Looking forward to the next week, commuting again, doing backtests of forex strategies… It’s been a good holiday, the best in years I think.




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