August 9th, 2016.

Keep biting my lower lib in the exact same spot every time; hurts like hell and I think I’ll lay low on the chewing gum for a while. Dammit. Ridiculous.

Have gotten into a good routine on grinding down on K’s warts on her feet. Metal-grinding paper does the trick, and nail polish to cap them off until the next day. Will get those fuckers before she moves out of the house.

On another, funnier note, V’s mum have taken to AirBnB to make some extra money; but completely fumbled the routine and thus, for the next week, will have 4 strangers living in one single room in her house for an utterly ridiculous price. Should be fun to watch.

Work is work. Nothing more, yet a lot less.

Have succumbed to K’s pleas for an iPhone – got a used ‘5s’ version that I’ll pick up tomorrow (when I’ll be visiting Dennis, watching ‘Electric Boogaloo’ docu). That’s school for you. She’s been rather indifferent to these first couple of days in her new class, by the way, which is better than I expected. But the year’s just begun, hasn’t it.

V stresses over having to edit – again – her latest youth-novel. The publication of which has been pushed back to January, ‘courtesy’ of her busy editors. She’s not happy about that, at all. But in a week she’ll be over it.

Really got a nice jogging-routine going – signed up for free at RunKeeper to keep the statistics flowing. Even bought new – cheap – sneakers for that specific activity. Good to get going again, and not feel those head-aches, not even the slightest.



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