August 24th, 2016.

Autumn nears. See falling leaves at the fringes of woods. And the air sharpens. Which is good. I like autumn.

K had a blast at a Tivoli-trip, invited by her friend Ingibjörn (of the Faroe Islands), along with his family. I hesitate to calling him her ‘boyfriend’, that’s not where they’re at. But anyways, an all-inclusive event that proved good fun for her, and had yours truly waiting until half past one for her to return; likely first time of many evenings I’ll be keeping myself occupied until she gets back from whichever party she’s attending. She’s a bit concerned with her dental hygiene, probably because hormones are raging wild and she’s suddenly become aware of the need to smell good, rather than truly fearing smelling bad. Soon she’ll be taking hour-long baths and using useless soaps and cremes. Ah, youth. The good news is that school, her’s, seems OK for now. Warts on her foot slightly better.

About N, well here’s second week of school already underway and seems also fine. Hard to tell specifically, they’re no surveillance cameras we can tap into and the communication off of him is not very verbose. He mentioned some class-mate being a bit of a nuisance to all, and V tells me there’re some in his class that have been down-graded. Oh well, seems alright for now, and V’s not having difficulty yet in dropping him off, which is really all one can hope for.

Had myself a fine trip to Århus last weekend, dropping off some machinery that I’ve not used in years – the CNC router, for one. Tiny bit sad to let that one go, such a wonderous machine. But better someone else finds use for it, actual use not just the basement-use that I put it through. Popped in to visit mum and dad. Dinner and a movie and a chat and a place to stay for the night – would’ve been a long trip, otherwise. Good to see them again, making up for that near damn year entire we didn’t call on them.

On V, well now that she’s finished editing her new book for the Gyldendal publisher, and concluded work on her grand-mother’s memoeires, and seen to it that the kids started school well (lots of preparations, and nervous thoughts), she’s finally gained some time to work on her own thing: her new book, i.e. Good on her, and she seems happier so I can tell those other things were weighing her down. So good for her. We need a surplus-mum in our house. Surplussed enough as to write to N’s class-teacher and let her in on the sordid history of why we moved him from his original kindergarten; and sure enough, she had – said teacher – noticed his tendency to try and avoid going to the bathroom with other kids around.

As for myself, well have been doing a bit of preparations for a job-interview Thursday: Digging up old web-development code, familiarizing myself with jquery and html5 and mvc frameworks and what not. Look much forward to the chat – am gunning for the gig. In between am watching episodes of ‘Stranger Things’, which is awesome, and look forward to taking the new purchase of a heart rate monitor out for a jog tonight, see how my heart works out while I work out. All’s good – so far.


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