September 9th, 2016.

B-day went ok. Got some running sneakers from the family – seemed to fit alright. Still downed by that minor injury, that I wanna be sure I’m over before venturing out again. But will keep looking forward to that.

Gearing up for the new work. Taking in some new technology. Can surely tell I’m behind on some of that new stuff – so back on the school bench with me.

Have I even touched seriously upon that topic, of switching to a new work-place? I had to; I got stalled in my efforts at the present one, and there’s nowhere in sight I might benefit in the longer run. It’s not my kind of work-place; there’s little in terms of actual influence, hardly anything in ways of trying to change things. So, a tall order for an impatient guy such as remain I. So I made the switch. It’s a big thing with some, I know, relocating. Has never really bothered me; I’m guessing all that temp-work when I was young has something to do with that, for some years I got the hang of getting along with a lot of people. And truth be told, there’s nothing to it. You arrive, you get along. Or you don’t, and you leave. Methinks 3 years was a fine tour, here at the Parliament. And that’s that.

By the library after work. This new ‘come-whenever-you-like’ concept is growing on me. Would’ve thought it’d attract the weirdos, but that hasn’t been the case so far I’ve been down there. And I like the quiet amongst the books.

Weekend. Will get some work done on the bathroom. I hope.

Look forward to next week: will meet up with Thor, Dennis, maybe even sis.



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