September 12th, 2016.

Took N for a 10-kilometer bicycle trip, around Tuel Sø. Fared well, though we did walk up some rather steep inclines. He talks and talks and talks – the imagination free-flows, though there seems some kind of coherent narrative about it. Anyways, one of the better, and likely last, summer-days, I had long wanted to do it and it turned out great.

Back and played MineCraft on and on: Re-discovered, as with K now with N, how to play MineCraft, both on the same server – truly playing together. He really took to it, and – though the number of hours seemed too many – me too. Hoping it teaches him about collaboration, of giving in when someone wishes to go some different way, if that’s what he takes from it I’ll be glad I spent the time (!). So I won’t, but in the slightest, sing my usual song of wasted weekends.

So, that’s it. That’s my weekend. Well, a bit of gardening, too. The carrots are looking good by now. Did two hours’ work on the bathroom – basically just hiding some cables, that I’m cursing myself for not having run through the new walls, dammit. Live and learn. And a bit of programming in the evening; cranking up that old time-registration application I did at UCSJ, converting it to some newer technologies I know I’ll be using. Preparations – always suited me. I realize I’ve truly missed this aspect of my work, programming for and to the web. Look more and more forward to starting the new job. Should perhaps be a bit more forth-looking, this time: I suspect I’m inclined to blaze in there, bring a heck of a lot of positive energy that I’ll find difficult to support later on. Still – looking forward. Not much time, now. And some decent outings in between – this week Thor, helluva long time since, Dennis hopefully too. And sis.


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