September 27th, 2016.

Read ‘Boomerang’, by Michael Lewis, in which he travels to so-called new third-world countries. Third world, i.e., because they dug themselves into a financial hole they’ll find it hard to get out of. Greece, Ireland, Iceland, so on and so forth. It comes down to basic human greed, basically. As he puts it, if you put people in a dark room with a pile of money and no-one to monitor or question their behaviour, what does that bring out in them? Apparently enough to destroy the finances of entire nations. It’s really quite a quite interesting book, was glad I read it.

Wrote to Dennis a few times, to hear of his stress-related problems. He’s on his second week at home, taking it slow. Which is good, just hope it’ll be enough – but somehow doubt it. There has to be the underlying tendency to calm down, not work 70+ hours every single week. But that’s not really in him, methinks, he won’t stand still for he’s afraid everyday nine-to-five boring job will destroy him, in all its mediocrity. And, maybe it will, he’d be initially ill-suited fort’. Hope he finds something to live in, soon, that’ll help him.

Gearing down for the last week of my present workplace. There’s always a bit of closure, such as bringing home various items I brought to work, take out the trash, those things.

I learned a lot, working there, but not quite enough and never mind what I need to have a thriving career in the next ten years. The world moves, but Danish parliament doesn’t move with it. At least not its IT-development department, and the same can be argued about parliament itself. It could’ve been cool, but not with those old elephants there – leaves no room for the rest of us, trying to avail to get a decent say in. So I’m on to other things, and I’m even looking forward to that.

Managed to paint the walls of the new bathroom, and began to lower the ceiling. Won’t open another bucket of paint until the furniture is up, so I can tell which walls need a second layer – why waste that expensive stuff. Still a heck of a lot to do, but, well, am getting there. And that’s good enough for me, just quietly gaining progress. Am actually ahead of schedule, there’s an Autumn holiday to look ahead to, V and the kids will be out of the house and I’ll have time to add some actual water to the bathroom, apparently an indespensable feature.

It’s getting quite dark outside now – 6.30 and it’s pitch black here from train windows. I’ll keep to the public rails, by the way, at least for now. So, autumn lays the gauntlet down.

Met sis at the Cafe Katz – real good to see her again.


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