September 30th, 2016.

Drove to Copenhagen via the freeway, early enough in the morning that there shouldn’t be much traffic but found plenty of it. Also it was raining, and the on-going construction work made it difficult, too. Driving a meter behind another car for miles on end is not my idea of fun, rather my idea of a stressful fucking time. So, alas, I won’t be driving at my leisure to the new workplace, but will stick to the train.

Picked up 5000 crowns worth of furniture for the new bathroom, at IKEA – aka ‘Hell on Earth’. Thankfully didn’t have to do the marathon through all the departments, as I’d prepared a list in advance. Will do us very good indeed to have all that stuff in the bathroom that we now hold in the kitchen. Like all other normal people, who have a normal bathroom.

And I’ll be putting it together over the weekend, even, as V is taking the kids to Funen. Says it’s so I can relax towards starting a new job monday, and very thankful I am that she’s thinking of me like that. Not that I need it; I’m pretty relaxed about that new thing. But always nice to have someone thinking of you.

So I guess this is my last day at this current work-place. No regrets on leaving, should’ve perhaps even done so sooner. 3 years is a fine stretch, parcicularly given the circumstances. I invested too much, for too little in return. Lots of positives to take away, though. So that’s what I’ll do.


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