October 1st, 2016.

I’m watching ‘Elizabethtown’ in honor of my solo weekend. For a moment it made me want to be a young man again, and experience falling in love once more. But as sudden as it came, I shed that urge & instead began to think back to when I actually did. Fall in love, i.e. Quite a few years ago (imagine, in just 4 years it’ll’ve been 20 years we’ve been together). I remember a lot of it, and not just by browsing these pages. The train-rides to the middle of nowhere come to mind, ‘Arnakke’ is truly out there. Also the Copenhagen days, moving her in and meeting her parents for the first time. A lot of holding hands, of making out, surprising her. A few of the fights I recall as well, and the dinners, and the movies. I don’t remember the ‘rush of love’ as much. It must’ve been there, but it drowns out over the years. Falling in love is gone, love remains. Makes sense?

Being without a phone – handed it in, yesterday – works OK; not missing it. Good sign, I guess. Wrote to a few people to let them know I was unavailable for a call, Dennis wrote back with news of his impending apartment-purchase – good stuff. Will do him good to have a decent home of his own again.

Put together a number of IKEA bathroom furniture, looks alright to my untrained eye. Will do us good to have a proper bathroom, with shelves, drawers, a mirror… All that other people have and take for granted. Don’t know how V could’ve done without for so many years, God bless her.


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