October 5th, 2016.

So that’s a new job. Decent start to it; doing some little project that’s not too difficult, but will get me going in a jiff. The colleagues are fine so far. Getting the hang of office politics, of which there’s a tiny bit. As always, centers around the elder single guys who’s been there forever and have a bit of a hard time relinquishing control. So my role is, once more, pedagogisch in some ways. Gotten used to that, by now. Will take me a bit of time to get up to speed there; there’s always the learning curve of ‘how much pressure can I apply here’. But otherwise am rolling with it. There’s not much small-talk, which is a bit of a plus. Have learned some already, actually. A good start.

Being without a phone is becoming bothersome. Hope to land one soon. Have K’s old Sony here, but it’s slow as molasses and hardly worth the effort of calibrating it further. Stig has an old Galaxy he’ll lend me, and thank heavens for that. Need my connected lifestyle back, or at least reliable access to my homebanking app; have no idea what the finances are doing, likely debasing themselves, literally. And the RunKeeper app, I resort to entering the runs manually. That’s right, I’m finally out and about again. Though slow as heck, on V’s recommendation. 4 kilometers in half an hour isn’t going to work my self-esteem. But I’m back out, and that’s what counts. The sneakers – Adidas Questar TF W with Boost(tm) technology are a damn fine replacement of the old Boston-pair.

Reading ‘Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile’, which is a hilarious account of someone’s career as a financial analyst in London’s finance district. Hilarious and then also quite sad, at times. Got it from Per, the day I stepped back from Parliament.




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