October 9th, 2016.

A good weekend, actually. Got things done – installed water in the new bathroom sink. Seems to hold water, so to speak, too. Glad I’m able to do these things, really ups my self-esteem.

Funny thing, I find myself a bit bored in the evenings of late. Can’t get a grasp of a singular project to undertake. Electronics? The Forex-thing is dead and gone, having read ‘Cityboy’ by Geraint Anderson I’m not up for it. Reality is that there’s a gazillion things to do, I just can’t make up which one, so it’s really a win-win thing, isn’t it.

Watched the Formual 1 race from Suzuka, has been ages since I did that. But a good one to wake up to, though in reality I woke at half past 3 when the dog began to bark like crazy. Dumb mutt.

So many places I’ll need change my number; got through the majority of’em, I think, but there’re bound to be many others I’ve forgotten. So in a way I’m happy that I’m switching to a private phone, as this means I won’t need go through this again. K’s old Galaxy S2 works, barely, for now.

Next week of the new work commences, got off to a flying start but foresee things will stall a bit, there’s a new, different project in town.


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