November 2nd, 2016.

I much enjoy walking to work through the campus-area of the Technological Institute, sandwiched between the bus-stop and my workplace. There’s an aura of knowledge, of applied science, and – though it’s not that kind of facility – I imagine students, myself amongst them, moving to and fro. The autumn leaves adds to it, reminds me of the beginning of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, where all Holden’s comrades leave the school for the holidays.

And so I, in turn, have taken to applying myself further, one programming-book already in and another well under way. About danm time I saw to furthering my education. Don’t want to be the one left standing when the piano stop playing. Met Dan at the Vesterbro Bryghus for a pint after work, and he’s fine and all is great with his new job. Still he’s obsessed about that ‘Onion Architecture’ paradigm, that he wants to apply to everything. I wonder why many – most? – programmers think like that, and become annoyed with myself for having been that way, once, too. Well, it’s a new job, and new skills are being learned already, and many more will come. At my side of the new job things are going fine, if not great. It’s certainly a different game; overtime accumulated will need be spent, and that’s fine by me – have already taken the Monday next off, to that effect. How about that. So I gather there’s no accumulating a couple’a hundred hours overtime towards an extended Christmas pay-cheque, then. No worries; got mine from the last job at the Parliament this other day, some near sixty-thousand into my account. Will do us very nicely indeed, especially considering the huge holes in our accounts up until then. Now aforementioned Christmas looks a bit gayer.

Picking up the pace, running-wise. Albeit not by much; steady 4-kilometer jogs will do for now. Passed the local SportsMaster, bought neophrene bands to alleviate the sore achilees heel; pray it’ll do the trick. Really brings perspective into my world-wise, these brief outings, and I realize how much I’ve missed them. No music nor RunKeeper for company yet – in as much as I’m using K’s old battered Galaxy S2, not at all up for the task. So have ordered a Huawei Honor 7. How’s that for obliging the new Chinese world order. Should do me fine for a couple of years, until mobile Virtual Reality truly kicks in.

K had a blast of a Halloween party, arranged by V. So had ten 12-year olds screaming the house down. ‘Twas like a domino-effect, when one began to holler the others followed suit. Squamish kids. Also too grown-up, some of them, and not enough, others. Incredible range to their behaviour, given their similar ages. Pre-teens with all the traits – man. A decent succes, the evening, V really let all sails go. Halloween as a concept seems to have matured considerably, in just a year or two?

No problems, these days. Well, apart from wondering what to order from It’s like I said to Dan, one must be happy when things are going smoothly, it’s never to say when the next bump in the road might turn things sour. But if just for now, all’s good.


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