November 7th, 2016.

My monday off; first one in a stream of monthly mondays off, I hope. Explanation: this new workplace isn’t thrilled with employees with too many overtime-hours, so I’ll need to spend them. But the way my public transportation is working, I’m usually there half an hour beyond what’s needed – and that amounts to roughly one day per month. I surely needed this one, couldn’t timed it better: V had set off for the weekend, on various projects, and ’twas up to yours truly to babysit N. But I had a crappy headache to deal with, plus it’s not exactly cerebrally stimulating company – and I lack the skills to make it so. All in all I was pretty wasted come Sunday evening, after I’d tucked him in. So this, this is awesome. Started the day out with a healthy jog. So I’m plotting a course by Tuelsø Lake, and I run into … my wife! Having just dropped Nicolas off at school she’s opted to take Coco for a walk. A heart-beat later and I would’ve missed her; how bizarre is that.

V drove K to Germany, to Rendsburg, for her annual week-long school exchange.

So much to do, so many arrangements. Calendar is always full; where do all these things come from? School festival, birthdays left and right, V’s work… I want some quiet weekends now, please.

Watched the 6th episode of Westworld – the most exciting tv-show I’ve seen in years I can remember.

This must be what it feels like to be retired. So here’s to the upcoming 12 extra holiday-days. I could get used to this.



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