November 10th, 2016.

Donald Trump elected U.S. president. What’s the World coming to? Where’s it headed?

We need more education. As we head towards the information economy, some say we’re there already, we need more education. I for one would like to become an educator – and work towards it. I worry about Twitter-feeds and Facebook-feeds as a primary source of information; we become divided, as we seek out only that which reaffirms us and sets us alike those we wish to be among. I keep thinking back to that fateful Robert Kennedy speech, about “with whom we share a city, but not a community”. And what can we do for those who’ll be inevitably left behind, if not helped? People without a meaningful job loose sense of purpose, thus become frustrated, angry. Gathered into a mob they may select an unsettling leader. We really must redistribute knowledge, and thus wealth. It’s of such utmost importance. I think back to my 20-year old self, filled with nonsense and useless school knowledge. What I’ve gained in comprehension since, by virtue of books read and projects completed, immeasurably.

Perchance ’tis wherefore I at times feel frustrated at the boredom of the happy home. I mean, I get back from work where I’ve tried to solve relatively complex problems, and furthermore I spend the commute-time studying advanced programming or the similar. And I get back to small-talk, to the irrationality of children, the tediousness of dull routine, the regularity of dinner, of who’s done what, where, when, to whom. All too frequently the more serious discussion on politics, anthropology, physiology, are interrupted by needy little ones. In the evenings after nine o’clock I’ve time to spare, yet it doesn’t feel like much. Or, rather, I’m too adept at idling that time away, to my sorry regret.

Enough the the asides. Let’s see where this path leads us.



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