November 12th, 2016.

Took the trampoline down – about time. Needs some stitches to the safety-canvas, but that’s for another season. Will surely keep it alive for another year. One of the best investments I ever made, I believe.

Have decided – and have kept for 6 days now – to keep November clear of sugar. Halloween nearly killed me with sweets, became all too much. So far I’m not craving it, this even despite having a brand-new box of chocolate liqueurs in the desk drawer, that V, sweetheart, got me when she last crossed the border into Germany. Sugar, I concluded, had become too great a part of my everyday day. No side-effects thus far, some slight headache but this likely related to my coffee-intake.

Setup an Internet-of-things-like solution to counter V’s forgetfulness – a sensor to register if the downstairs window is opened for more than 5 minutes. I have for years wanted to tinker with these things, and now’s suddenly the time for that. Magnificient. Have also re-discovered my blog at, and am full steam into another programming book, en course to my course – pun intended – that I intend to do. Good stuff.

Listened to pod-casts of Michael Abrash and John Carmack as I dismantled the trampoline; VR advocates painting a bright future in regards to our virtual endeavors. I really hope we’ll make the best of that platform, most of all in human collaboration and education.


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