December 1st, 2016.

Met Claus in Copenhagen. Haven’t spoken with him in years and years, as we both went on from that gaming group. He’s doing very well for himself, it seems – by his own account and that of his waistline. No doubt he works hard, in order to play hard as well. Good for him. Had a bit too much to drink, did I – hard to turn him down, as he footed the bill. December turns out to be really too many meets&greets, methinks. Will soon join Thor, then there’s the company xmas lunch, then Rasmus is back from his Paris stint. And I just wanna have a quiet time at it. Oh, the work, the work… Tomorrow, fingers crossed, mum-in-law dearest will retrieve the kids and drag them to Nyborg – so there’s my quiet, right there. Only briefly interrupted Saturday, when sis and Thomas will come to call.

I remembered the attic on Halesøvej 6, that I roamed as a child. Bit of a dangerous setting, particularly if one stepped outside the support-beams.Great place to sit and contemplate, or retreat to if the parents or sister had been mean. The old wood ladder, I remember that vividly.



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