December 5th, 2016.

You never see the blue sky this time of year. Which is a damn shame. Just caught a tiny piece of it today, but all too brief. Ah well. It’ll be back.

Apparently N had a less than optimal time throughout the weekend, stationed with his grandparents on his mother’s side, in Nyborg. He’s a healthy boy of six and his sister is 12, and given a grandmum who’s better with older girls, well, let’s just say there apparently wasn’t much understanding and patience to be found. V thought, and is probably right, that they pretty much ganged up on him. Poor kid. So that’s the last damn time they’ll be tending to him like this, and, heck, in all honesty it’s just been two weekends over the course of his lifespan that they have, so good riddance. Though V was concerned he’d perhaps taken some damage from it, he himself wanted to go to school today despite having the option of taking time off. So not too frail. Given the combination of feeling sorry for him and being of some mental surplus, I made a point of tending to him. So we played games which involved him making up the rules as we went along, and later went to the library and had a bit of fun there, too.

I marvel at his imagination, at this early age. He effortlessly puts a stable plot together, and offers every bit of solid reasoning for all the sudden shifts of narrative. That’s rather uncanny for a 6-year old. Of course I should say that, being his father. Of course that doesn’t make it any less true.



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