December 6th, 2016.

Writing that philosophy-book does me good. Really gets the old head cranking. Although it’ll be a short one; why waste so much white space, if one already has all the answers?  Where did that urge come from, I wonder. Well, I never placed much of my identity with my workplace, which may have contributed – it’s easy to loose onself in the everyday. Also, for 15 years I’ve been on the commute, and I’ve pretty much always been the first to move to the doors when we approached the final stop. And there’s always a light there, shining downwards, which facilitates a good and detailed look at oneself in the window. So, for 15 years I’ve twice a day gotten the chance to take a hard look at myself. That’s a lot of time to pose questions, and come up with the answers to them. So that’s likely where it comes from. And reading people and reading books. And from that need to be the first to move to the doors.


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