December 21st, 201

Donated blood at the community training center here in Høje Tåstrup – half a year since I did that, good to do again. Thinking that I should maybe try and donate plasma as well – seems there’s a shortage. I tell myself it’s for the community, by in big part it’s for myself, as well: I consider it healthy to have the body restock on fresh red blood cells. I make believe they’ll carry more oxygen around.

Second revision of the short philosophy book is coming along nicely; twas a very good idea, I see now, to pay heed to some of V’s feedback. It’s a better work – more optimistic, I think. She was right in that I made it too dark.

K’s concerning herself with her new online web-comic, that she wishes to publish to a portal called ‘Tumbler’. Seldom heard of it. But it tells me that a) she’s creative, and b) she wants to become an inspiration to others and c) she’s not afraid to get it out there. All good things.

N’s report-card (of sorts) came back – high marks in all’s he’s involved in, glad to say. He’s got some homework to do during the holidays, will be a nice activity for him and V as I’m headed upstate. Good to know he’s keeping up well.


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