December 30th, 2016.

So – soon I’ll write ‘2017’ and I’m truly looking forward to it. Have a lot of interesting projects stacked up. Hopefully fun ones. And a lot of equally interesting projects to finish. Notably attempting to teach others in basics of computer programming seems like a decent prospect. I’ve been told that in order to truly know something, one should teach it. And so I’ll try just that – here’s to hoping the Technological Institute takes my concept on. Also, the philosophy book I wrote, well I’d like to see it published – self-publishing is not a shame, not to my name it is. Would love to travel further down that path, including looking into some artificial intelligence. Might even write another one – have plenty of ideas & it’s truly fun to write about these things, too.

I think I did a decent 2016, if I may say so myself. Was there for the family throughout, and did a decisive change of jobs. Gave much of myself, and in the end reaped many rewards hereof: the new bathroom is almost there, got to do a lot of fun electronics projects and also bought a heap of books I always wanted to buy, courtesy of that well-deserved overtime-pay bonus. Got to read a lot of them, hope to carry that forward into the new year.

Finished “Stumbling on Happiness”. A good one, although the author, Daniel Gilbert, takes some liberties here and there. My take on it? Well ‘happiness’ is a word that one might use for a great many things – and for one thing I don’t buy his ‘3 definitions’ of it. I’d like, subjectively, to see the word explained thus, that ‘happiness’ is the – somewhat illusive – feeling we have as our consciousness rewards us on doing something right. On a personal note, because, well it’s my diary, isn’t it, I’ll simply note that I’ve been very happy throughout 2016 and hope to remain as much in 2017. So I must’ve been doing something right. I do sense troubling times ahead, though; the geopolitical instability looms larger than ever. Yet it’s countered by a growing personal stability, that I’ve come to cherish and will look to maintaining. That bonus proved a great stabilizer, and all’s relatively well with V, with the kids’ school and extracurricular activities, I’m hopeful that’ll carry well into the new year as well. Watching V’s friends (because all mine are single) divorce and bicker about their jobs and routines is a motivator, I’m sad to say. I know what goes up must come down, and who’s to say how long it’ll last. K’s a gloomy pre-teenager at times, and N does take a toll on me. Yet everything gets easier, all the time easier. I appear – at least to myself – to appreciate them more, my patience is growing ever week, my personal surplus is on the rise. Truth be told, I can’t imagine (of course I can, but it’d be a sin to write it down) 2017 being much better than this year near past.





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