January 2nd, 2017.

So. I survived New Year’s Eve. Could’ve been worse, could’ve been better. Had fun chasing the kids up and down the street with sparklers and small charges – ‘knaldperler’, as we call them. Held it in Nyborg, by the way. Think it made V’s evening, so that’s good. On the downside I slept like shit, got a couple of hours tops. Carried into this new year, even, in as much as I slept poorly yesternight, too – feeling knackered today, that’s for sure. But zere’s to hoping decent rest will come with a steady routine of 2017. Came back and it was good to find the house still there, no holes in the roof. Was sure glad to get out and walk some miles, picking up the bicycle from the station, listening to some great TED-talks all the while.

So here’s the new year and will dive straight into it. Tomorrow am meeting Sis for a movie-screening she graciously paid for, whole family included. Then wednesday will see Thor, and surrender the keys to his mother’s department that mum and dad held. Maybe she’s already been cremated, presumably so. Had wanted to wait until wednesday so that we might talk at length, and undisturbed. Hope to learn he’s holding up alright.

Reading a terrific book thus far, by Blay Whitby, “Artificial Intelligence – a beginners guide”. Really hope to find the time to study AI some this year, to form a practical outlet to my more philosphical thoughts.



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