January 4th, 2017.

I’m looking much too forward to my lunch breaks. Testifies to a bit of tediousness of the daily job, I’m afraid. My mind wanders into other stuff; philosophy, AI, like that. Proably not so good. A bit tired here at the dawn of the new year; likely not sleeping adequately. 7 hours should do the trick, but doesn’t. So will up the dosis.

Read Alan Turing’s paper on ‘Computing machinery and intelligence’. Of 1950. Such foresight!

Sis graciously donated a trip to the movies; saw ‘Sing’ at the Fields shopping center, which was very nice of her. Nice one, too. Had never visited that particular movie theatre before – reminded me lots of Las Vegas, with its american-style doors and neon-lights and heavy-duty carpet. Good to see her again.

Look forward to getting into a routine again. One that’ll stretch out, preferably well into March. Met Rasmus yesterday, Thor today, but really what I want is just to sit down with my thoughts, my books, my projects.


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