January 9th, 2017.

A weekend to forget, kinda. Played the xbox 360 with N a lot – LEGO Star Wars, a new variant – and that was it for the Saturday. Then the Sunday came and spent the better part of it playing xbox again, and cleaning out V’s room that she’d trashed over the course of a couple of months. Not Malmö-style trashed, but getting there. Good to get done, though I’d rather she was the one who actually did the ‘getting’ of the done-part. But, hey, she’s happy. Oh, should mention the Friday evening, found the time to watch a movie together, courtesy of the new Apple TV just installed: a revisit of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Years since we both saw it. Given all the choices of this new device, online rentals included, we succumbed to Netflix to deliver a safe hit.Fine movie indeed. Have high hopes for this television streaming device – will give it a month and ensure it’s stable, the cut the ties that binds us to cable-tv – for good.

Read for about a half an hour total – truly a sad weekend for reading. Thankfully was close to finishing Blay Whitby’s book on AI, so can at least say I got one down. Started Alan Alda’s “Things I overheard while talking to myself”; wanted a bit of a lighter fare before diving into programming books again, and it comes with rave reviews.

New week looms, have looked forward to it. Particularly the Wednesday, when I’ll go and talk with a hopefully cheerful person at the Technological Institute, about teaching a course on basic programming there.


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