January 10th, 2017.

I hope there will still be time, when I have no longer have the majority share in the kids – particularly N at this point, of course – to have a second career. One that involves all this stuff that I’m frequently reading about, that fascinates me endlessly: intelligent cities, internet-of-things, artificial intelligence. I want to do for my community what I have tried to do with my kid, namely do good deeds. It’s much of asking, I know. Most would say that I’ve lived a diverse life hitherto, and would likely themselves let it lie. But I think it’s an obligation that we have, picking up from where our forebears left off. I keep thinking back to Howard Zinn’s extraordinary history-book, on his words of the union-less peoples sufferings during the industrial revolution. I want to try my hand at making this place better, and once I’m done with the kids I’m wanting to take on the world. If at all possible.


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