January 12th, 2017.

Juggling the calendars, V and I, seems like a never-ending mountain to climb. We likely care too much about it, whereas others probably just go ahead and do it. There’re always such a huge number of options – ‘should I drive – should you? We can take the bicycles, K and I, but what if it rains? When you’ll leave the car for us, and I’ll bring a set of car-keys”, and so on and so forth. Yesterday ’twas a conflict of school engagement vs N’s soccer practice. I dreaded the two-hour school meet&greet but opted for it anyway, only because it was a chance for spend time with K. So I drove them to soccer practice and got back and hurried her into the car and sped for the Valencia Cafe, where we dined on their very finest nachos. Good call; had a good time, moving from subject to subject effortlessly. I recalled walking past the corner from the Rådhuspladsen, where they’d turned to 7-11 into a hip coffee-shop, and thinking to myself “when K moves to the city, this is the kinda stuff she’ll love, and I’ll love to take her there and foot the bill and learn about her life as it moves along” – and here I took the chance and time to do that, albeit many years early. But ’twas all good, and the school-thing wasn’t too horrid, even. A good call; likely the more so considering the fact that her hamster, that I might not have had too many heart-felt emotions towards, expired yesterday. Anyways, got back and enjoyed an hour in front of the new Apple TV with V. Show to forget, except to note that it’s good to have one of these things where you’re actually in control of the tv-guide, as opposed to having to wait for something to come on at a pre-destined hour.

Meeting with the Technological Institute went well, I thought, it seems likely something will come off it and that I’ll be able to, come spring, try my hand in teaching some general principles in IT development.

Alan Alda’s book led me to a column-post by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune, in which she writes “advice is nostalgia”. She’s basically right. Good insight, I’ll hang on to that. The book hasn’t really proven the lighter read that I was looking for, but I’m the wiser for reading it and am happy I bought, it’s full of valuable insight; I found his commencement address to newly graduate doctors especially poingnant.


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