January 15th, 2017.

Saturday got on a train to the city, in order to help out Dennis get some work done at his new place. Chilly morning, but was entirely dressed for the occation so didn’t mind. Rather fancied the scene, a still-as-night train station with sub-zero temperatures, not a breeze blowing – and that fresh frost laid across the entire scene, so as to make every little thing appear brand new. And you get super-powers because they’re no on there but yourself, and when you’er standing still and focusing you can hear the train coming from miles and miles out. Spent the most of the day at Dennis’ new place, at H. C. Ørstedsvej 60 in Frederiksberg. Nice place, though a bit small – but he’s a single guy and won’t mind, as long as he gets to decorate the place in his own style – and he’s got ideas aplenty. ‘Twas him, his friend Duncan and yours truly, knocking down a brick wall. Classic case of when the going gets tough, the beers flow freely. Good company, jovial banter and a dinner at the President restaurant at Fisketorvet made it entirely worth my while. Oh, and I must mention the new book I’m reading, ‘Consciousness Explained’, by Daniel D. Dennett. Great mind, great book (so far).



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