January 17th, 2017.

Nicolas’ having nightmares again, kept V up two hours yesternight. So I’m taking to the couch, so she might have a decent night’s rest. Also made sure we didn’t play any Xbox when I got back from work; all physical play. In the evening took him to the library; got some book and I learned how to make a paper-boat, by taking apart one that was lying around. Good to learn that.

Called V’s mum and told her I’d taken the 23rd off, so she didn’t have to fret over being here 3 whole days while V did her course, early next week. Quite the relationship-challenge, here I am cutting fake hotel-keys from cardboard to present to her students as they arrive, and need to be checked-in to each their individual ‘hotel-room’ that we’ll make from some of the tables there, covered in linen. Fun and games, but of course it’s important that the kids’ll have their privacy when needed. Hope it’ll all play out well for her, V, she’s fretting about it and it makes her hemorrhoid act up. So that’s no fun. It’ll pass though. The course, I mean. The hemorrhoid I’m not so sure.


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