January 20th, 2017.

A few bland days until V’s course is set in motion; helping her out with bits and pieces of it. Sadly N went and caught a bug, so he’s down with fever; thankfully he’s taking it very well. He’s certainly a much easier patient than K, she was always crying her eyes out when awake. She went extremely well on her latest Danish aptitude-test, incidentally – just goes to show the value in reading the kids when they’re small, at least that’s what I extrapolate from all those hours spent. E-mail from the folks; they deposited five thousand (!) into my account, ‘for birthday presents and leisure’ she wrote. I haven’t count of how much they’ve hitherto invested in us, it’s likely in the hundred-thousand range. I hope I’ll be that kind of generous grandparent, if ever.

Donald Trump inaguration today; God help us all.


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