January 22nd, 2017.

N is sick as a dog, probably an ear-infection. Some time since his last leave of sick absence, so won’t hold it against him. The timing is terribly off, though: V’s in the last throes of finishing the preparations for her seminar, monday-wednesday next week. Spent some time at the youth-academy where it’s to be held, putting up private bed-spaces for the 10 kids she’ll entertain. Hope it works out for her. Not particularly lucrative, but it feels good to do something for the community. Also, I got a good 4 kilometer walk out of it, trekking back. Should do that more often, walk as opposed to run. My achilles tendon is still sore, and methinks I’ll cut back on that friday running, to spare it for a while.

Hope he recovers soon enough. Will spend the night in his room, to spare V a decent night’s rest.


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