January 31st, 2017.

Poor kid’s got the chickenpox, itches him like crazy and he’s not sleeping well at all. I should know; I was up the half night to keep him company. So am pretty knackered at this point. Ah, well… it’ll pass. It all passes. Still another bad timing issue: needed time to put together V’s application for government art support, due tomorrow. She hadn’t originally wanted to apply, yet I thought ’twas worth the time, some three hours later it’s there and submitted and, hell, maybe something comes off it or maybe not, what’s the harm in trying. Yet another V-thing; I’m thinking I should make room for some more M-things… Soon.

House up the street for sale, for 1.8 million. That’s a hefty sum. Gets me thinking; I wouldn’t mind getting out from under this mortgage, and this house. Too much maintenance, too much time. Plus I’m rocketing up the waiting-lists for a rent-a-place, much faster than I anticipated.

K was pretty knackered, too, after her late night soccer-practice yesterday: 45 min running, 1½ hours soccer training. Well done indeed. She’s rocketed through Far Cry Primal and Mirror’s Edge of late, so good to see her take some physical time, too. Kinda glad she’s into those 1st person experiences, rather than wasting hours away at some online arena game.

Now, about that M-things time…


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