February 6th, 2017.

So – that’s a week-long stay home order on N that’s finally lifted. Good riddence, chicken-pox – it was good to know you, good to see you leave. Still, in the end, glad that he got it, now he won’t suffer as an adult. Sadly, though, he’s complaining of post-aches: sore neck, sore back, headaches – all the signs of meninghitis, which we dread. His general demeanor thus far doesn’t indicate that he’s heavily struck by it – but we got him an emergency appointment with the doctor just for the heck of it, will look forward to learning of the outcome later today. Poor V – had really her to have some time off. She’s still bothered by that deep-centered cough, thought she’d be rid of it by now but it hangs on. Here’s to hoping we’ll all feel better soon.



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