February 7th, 2017.

N’s thankfully slightly better; still aches all over, but he’s moving his head somewhat effortlessly, glancing whereever he fancies, and his general demanour is sound. V had the good notion to let him sleep besides her throughout the night, so that she might check up on him at regular intervals; this meninghitis-concern is not to be taken lightly. Came back yesterday and played a lot of Minecraft with him, and will do the same today and likely throughout the week; all to keep him happy, which is the best overall denomination(o) of his health.

Went to the National Archive, for work, to hand over some data. Was overtaken by Anders Gilbro of my former workplace, just next door, so went for a half a cup of coffee. Good chat – he’s very symphatetic and I always enjoyed talking with him. Quickly left before being spotted by the others; didn’t want to linger, I’m not that kind of guy. But fun to see the place again, ’twas a fun exercise in allowing auto-memory to kick in and note the quircks of going to and fro a place I’ve spent near 3 years in. Noted, for instance, the automatic reaction to the street-lights going red, slowing down from a distance to conserve energy – as I’d done near 1200 times before, throughout the 3 years I worked for Parliament. Long-term memories – not a fan of the distinction, ‘long-term’, but it does apply here.


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