February 8th, 2017.

So came the snow. Lots of white, though not exactly snowed in. N is feeling better, much better – V’s keeping him at bay for now, but will likely allow him to school tomorrow. Have played a lot of Minecraft with him, to alleviate V’s – at this point – burdensome task. Somewhat fun – am trying to use the platform to educate him; so we build a temple and a sphinx together, which was good. The game is awesome for collaboration; really educational, was glad ’twas invented for both K’s and his age. She, K, seemed interested in the ImagineFX-magazine I got her, so will install Photoshop on her pc (she can use her iPad Pro as a drawing board) and get her a subscription, asap.

That damn tooth is coming out – I’ve made up my mind. Won’t have any further troubles with it, and besides I’m pulling puss out of it every day as I use those interdental-brushes (no such thing when I was a kid) around the edges of it. Extracting it will solve my problem, the immediate one and what I’ll have of futures issues regards. So it fits my philosophical mind, I’ve made up.



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