February 11th, 2017.

Working today, Saturday, because I wanted to reclaim some of the hours I wasted yesterday, when I was to be found at the dentist’ in order to have that molar removed – yet was turned away, because they feared the dentist I’d been assigned would be up for the task! That’s the strangest episode as I’ve ever encountered in a dentist office. I’ll take V’s explanation for it, that the newly-educated dentist I’d been assigned had proven herself unworthy of the task in the days leading up to my entry; though if that had been the task I’d preferred to receive a phonecall yesterday. Oh well – have now been assigned ‘Glenn’ in Ringsted. I envision a two meter tall, incredibly robust and mighty man who’ll yank that molar right out of its socket.

So stayed at home Friday, playing Minecraft for hours on end with the kid. Part of the deal with V, so that I might go to work Saturday, in exchange for her writing Sunday. Feels like a dumb deal, but it’s the life I lead. Drove solo to Bilka to get him Birthday-presents; LEGO, Hot-track cars, and some spy board-game. Hope he’ll appreciate them. V’s been up in the air about it, until I laid it out as ’twere: his dad is his best toy, and will be until he’s eight or nine. So I got the kind of presents that two playmates might like. I can’t really envision the day that I’d come home from work and he’d be entertaining himself. I really outta get better at letting him be by himself, more often.


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