February 13th, 2017.

I remember trimming K’s fingernails ever so gently, while she was crouched in front of me, absorbed by the Teletubbies (c) on the box. At that time ’twas about the only way, since she fretted, as did V, when V did it. Daddy to the rescue. I’m sure she’ll think of me thus forevermore, likely combining the experience with that of me sanding her foot-warts.

In one of my English-classes in 3. or 4. grade, me boyhood-friend Finn noted that ‘among’ was the best word to describe a set of fish swarming in and around a rock. I, being sure I had found the better word for it, remember being slightly amazed that a) he knew a better word than I, and b) he knew a single word of English at all. I believe this rather indifferent episode made me a better listener overall; I began to pay more attention to those around me after that. Likely that had been (me) coming (of age) for a while, but anyways I do recall the episode. Greatest English teacher ever, by the way, old geezer named Ole, but I’d made his job easier by playing endless hours of glorious computer-games up until he took the reins.

Bit of a weekend to forget. Though did on two accounts get out of the house, namely a lengthy walk with K and a trip to the playland – happy hour prevailed – with N. Just to get them up and away from their screens.


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