February 20th, 2017.

Weekend to not entirely forget; had N mostly to myself, so to speak, as V took to her bed for some hours and then to her smartphone for the other ones. Did play a lot with his new toys, so those were welcome distractions for both him and myself alike. Sunday went to the movies, saw ‘Vaiana’ at the Field’s shopping centre. Sis came along, too, was good. It’s a damn fine place if you’ve got money to burn; faux marble floors always got to me, somehow. It’s like a theatre, with a number of elaborate set-pieces.

I am near dreading these weekends, I must say; certainly don’t look forward to them, come Friday. About the only thing I got going for me is the hour spent on the commute each day, but it’s becoming increasingly inadequate. It can’t go on like this, and of course it won’t; I’m simply dreading the weekends spent like this from now on and until the state of affairs changes.

K got her first period, to V’s dismay. Not that she got it, but that she hasn’t grown much and now apparently – I didn’t know this – won’t grow much higher. I can think of worse things; if anything it’ll make her more attractive to most boys her age. But she may not like it, of course; are not teenagers destined to hate most aspects of themselves. Am glad V’s at hand to talk these things through with her, I would surely suck at it.


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