March 2nd, 2017.

I do sometimes wonder where this sense of urgency comes from, that I seem to constantly uphold. Ever worried that I’ll lack behind, that there won’t be time enough to do what I wish to get out of life, that I’ll end up in the back of the queue. I think perhaps it’s from a lack of self-confidence; I was always out to prove myself, wasn’t I. ‘Fastest typist’, ‘running furthest’, so on and so forth. Well, I guess it keeps me honest and on my toes, though it’s likely also the reason I would retire from this regular nine-to-five instantly, provided the adequate financial means. I suppose I could consider myself lucky; it’s a harsh business-world out there, and the laid-back fares of old won’t cut it anymore. And so in always striving for more I uphold my street-value, so to speak.

Still doesn’t mean I’m not apt to ‘retire’ in a few years’ time, though…


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