March 6th, 2017.

It’s a beautiful day to go to work. Dark on the outside, light when one emerges from the commute. A bit of setting sun in a months’ time and we should be set for a glorious summer.

It’s simply astonishing what memory holds. I just now, in looking for a specific key on my computer keyboard, had a flashback to looking down and reaching for it – when as a child I was learning how to type on those old typewriters we practiced in school, some 30 years ago!

Working the Sunday… Essentially trading family-time for work-time, in the anticipation that I’m putting time in the bank for myself, for later. In the realization that I’m burning out family-wise, not work-wise. I spend much too much time with him, N, and this is a practical way to alleviate that. Perhaps ’twas his colorful birthday-party that set my mind at ease about it, though there is indeed an urgent need to work overtime on account of the deadlines of this project I’m at. He’s constantly looking me up when I’m at home, in the know that I’m available. I can’t bring myself to tell him no, so it really is the best of options: he wins, as time without dad has him needing to come up with something himself to do. I win, abovementioned. V, well, let’s say she wins too, in that my overtime brings money in the bank or time left for finishing the new bathroom and kitchen. At least that’s how I’d present it.

Reading ‘Homo Deus’, by Yuval Harari. Have his ‘Sapiens’ on my reading list, and should have probably done away with that first, but couldn’t stop myself. His latest is on looking onwards to our coming marriage of man and machine, brain and AI, in search of God-like capabilities and status. He’s right on every account, methinks, and it’s a really good book, the best of the year so far. Oh, did finally manage to publish my own. Self-publishing ftw!

K’s opened up an Instragram-account, to show her efforts in drawing. Good stuff – building a portfolio over the course of her life won’t harm her. Her descriptions of the works are flawless English – her command of that language will prove indispensable to her in the years to come.


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