March 9th, 2017.

Stepped out with Dennis last evening, was great seeing him again over a big pint. Talked about some of his projects, and how he yearns for his apartment to be done so he might take some of them on. Dennis as his usual, I guess. He works hard, though, but far from the stressful times of old. Saw ‘Logan’ at the Cinemaxx, somewhat bloody spectacle! I should take a break from these action-movies, they don’t really do anything for me anymore.

Worked from home for the first time with my new employer; decent day in which to do it. Didn’t get much done, truth be told. Had a dentist’ appointment in Ringsted in the middle of the day, too, and seized the opportunity to ask V out, so after my very brief look-see with Glen the Dentist we sat down at a local café. Kinda sad that I’d steal away from the work-day to fulfill completely individual obligations, but, hey, the government wastes billions on useless trains and IT-systems that never function – I feel as if they can indulge me this one time! So decent outing, and the teeth turned out fine, too.

Got a call from an old colleague, Thomas Lange, in need of some coding-assistance. Happy to help if I can, doesn’t seem like a big project either. Sat down with it in the evening, having just tucked Nicolas in – and an hour later he’s awake because he’s not feeling too well. Immediate flashback to when I was running my own company and always – constantly – in danger of missing some deadline, and K was sick all the time and V was running low and I’d fight on all those fronts at the same time… Thankfully these days are more blessed. I wouldn’t wish to go back to that again, not ever.



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