March 13th, 2017.

Slapped with a 20K tax bill, Jesus Christ. Didn’t see that one coming, but it’s the result of working overtime en masse. So, in the end, that’s what 273 hours adds up to. Well, I guess I’ve financed with new bathroom and more with it, keeping my powder dry – not going to the bank – and I’m at least thankful I actually have that money in my account (although it will then be depleted). I’d hate to give that buffer up – but I do have another one, don’t I, and besides, maybe there’s still ways I can make some dough. I really should start a company again, shouldn’t I. Took me some days to get over it, but am feeling positive again. Grateful that V got some 5K back, to be best invested in her dentals – won’t have to cover that, now.

Out running with K, as she didn’t wish to attend soccer-practice but I thought she should do something besides lie in bed and draw. Good jog; we’ve done a few of these and it’s always great, she talks a lot about her dreams and inspirations and I’m at least feeling like I’m in the loop. She’s into these 8-bit-like games and guides me towards obsscure Ron Hubbard and Margin Galway-like soundtracks I’ve never even heard of. Have subscribed to her Instagram-account, wherein she publishes her drawings (plural!). I think it’s cool that she’s doing it, notably as it a very healthy exercise in starting and finishing projects – that’s a great think to learn, and if you learn it at an early age there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

Tremendously plagued by thoughts of changing jobs. But I just did, not even half a year ago! Now this other position beckons, an opening with the Danish Film Institute, as a back-end developer. If only I’d seen it earlier – should I go for it or not? It’s the promise of a colorful workplace coupled with full autonomy, really ticks a lot of my boxes. I can easily sell it to myself, but what I have now seems like security, and has become familiar. And not much time to mull it over, too… Why can’t I settle down, already.


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